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This art will have you in awe of its beauty!

Stunning contrasts, all colours of the rainbow and brilliant luminousity with metalic and pearlized paints! I have mastered acrylic painting on canvas and have leveled up to airbrushing. Digital artwork, such as graphics, logos, photo re-touching, is another one of my passions. I especially love to create inspirational quote graphics! I am constantly working on some new artwork so keep in touch to see my newest masterpieces first!

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Custom Art

High quality portraits have given me a solid reputation creating custom art. What is a selfie to a glamourous self portrait? My portraits are beautiful depictions of the people in them.

Authentic Prints

I have a wide collection of artwork on canvas, that may be made available in print as well as digital graphics and inspirational posters to fuel your soul!

Recent Art Exhibit

During the Month of July, my artwork will be exhibited on the Second Floor of the Millenium LIbrary, Downtown Winnipeg.

Made with Love

My art is my passion. I create it from my heart and soul, as a way to stay connected with my inner self.

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