Who is Jennifer Sanderson?


A multi-dimensional business background in finance, administration, marketing, web development and more that can be adapted to fit versatile and demanding roles.

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Understanding how our world, and our devices work to a greater and greater extent each day is an essential part of Jen's life-long education.

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As an avid artist for most of her life, she has learned to use colour, shapes, dimensions and light to tell a beautiful story. Jen is primarily self-taught but has had many mentors over the years.

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Jen Sanderson has many strengths including:

  • Excellent Logic Skills
  • Proven knowledge of Calculus, Algebra and other Mathematics
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Adaptable to alternate perspectives
  • Knack for design, and visual communication
  • Strong interest in properties of light, Physics & Astronomy
  • Deep interest in cognitive perceptions
  • Loves to write code!